SuperCarLoans - Affiliate Referral Program

Earn the highest commissions on referrals

SuperCarLoans - Affiliate Referral Program

Convert the traffic you already have coming to any of your own social media pages or websites into thousand of dollars per month.

What is SuperCarLoans Affiliate Referral Program?

How does it work?

Earn Money
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    Setting up text links

    Visitors who are interested in getting an awesome deal on a Motor Vehicle Purchase will click a link on your page and will be redirected to our SuperCarLoans Website Online Application Page. You will be automatically credited for the lead and receive instant updates every step of the way from 'Application Received' to 'Deal Funded'.

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    Tracking and Payment

    Visitors who click on your text links and are directed to The tracking starts once they submit an Online Credit Application. You may log into your account and track each lead every step of the way under 'Lead Tracking'.

    For each Lead that buys a vehicle, you will be paid a referral bonus of $500. Payments are mailed out, via cheques, within 2 business days after the deal has been completed and SuperCarLoans has received the funds from the Financing Bank. You may opt instead to have your referral bonuses lumped together at the end of each month and be paid out in one single monthly cheque.

Whether GOOD, BAD or UGLY Credit, We'll get you APPROVED.

What are the program rules?

-Only Canadian based affiliates are accepted into the program.
-Must be 18+ yrs old.

Does it cost anything to sign up to the Affiliate Referral Program?

No. It's absolutely FREE to become an Affiliate and maintain your relationship with SuperCarLoans.

How do I get started?

Register by completing our simple Affiliate Referral Program Online Application. After you get approved, we will send you a welcome email with further instructions.

SuperCarLoans - Affiliate Referral Program

Do you have visitors who are interested in buying used cars? If so, we have an opportunity for you to make money through the SuperCarLoans Affiliate Referral Program.