Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get an Approval?

Once you submit your auto finance Application, you will be matched up within minutes with a local Dealer Lending Partner that best suits your needs. They will immediately start working on your approval and contact you to help you find the right vehicle. You may be driving the vehicle that very same day if your information in complete.

Do I need any down payment?

A down payment is not mandatory in most cases but may be needed to bridge the gap between the total amount you are approved for and the actual price of the car you want.

Do You Accept Trades?

Yes. Our Dealer Partners will gladly accept your current vehicle as trade and payout any balance owed to your previous lender.

How will this Affect my Credit?

All credit enquiries appear on your credit report. There is a slight drop in your credit score each time your credit it pulled. Your credit is first examined by one of our highly trained and experienced in-house auto finance specialist before it is matched with a Dealer Lending Partner that best suits your needs. Your Credit Information is forwarded along with your Loan Application directly to the Dealer Partner so there is no need for them to make subsequent credit bureau enquiries. This will help minimize the amount of enquiries on your credit report.

Also, we will only send you Application to one Lender Partner. If you are not satisfied with your Approval Terms, we will not automatically forward you Application to another Partner unless you submit another online application.

How much can I get approved for?

The amount you are approved for will depend on a few things: Your credit history, your income and expense levels, and the value of the vehicle you are trying to buy. Your assigned Dealer Lending Expert will help you get the maximum loan amount that fits your budget.

Will this Application cost me anything?

The Service we Provide is ABSOLUTELY FREE to all ALL Applicants and there are no cancellation fees WHATSOEVER.

I have no credit. What are my Options?

Our Dealer Affiliates have Lenders that have programs designed to accommodate credit ‘first-timers’. No Worries!

Credit Tip

Most Lenders/Banks keep your credit on file for 30 days, so it is best that you concentrate your Application within a short time period so that you prevent multiple enquiries by the same lenders. Also, accept your credit limitations. If you are having no luck getting in the car you want, get something else to rebuild your credit, or try to clean up your credit and try again next year.

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